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IT'S OVER 2,000 by Yukinoomoni IT'S OVER 2,000 :iconyukinoomoni:Yukinoomoni 0 1 Oh okay by Yukinoomoni Oh okay :iconyukinoomoni:Yukinoomoni 1 0 STOP THAT by Yukinoomoni STOP THAT :iconyukinoomoni:Yukinoomoni 0 1 Sup by Yukinoomoni Sup :iconyukinoomoni:Yukinoomoni 2 3 Profile Durrr by Yukinoomoni Profile Durrr :iconyukinoomoni:Yukinoomoni 0 0 Durrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr by Yukinoomoni Durrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr :iconyukinoomoni:Yukinoomoni 1 0
Writer's Note: Written for Marikunin, who wanted something with an Avatar and animals.

Every Avatar before her seemed to show some sort of affinity for animal guides. The more she studied, the more Kyoshi realised that it seemed to be some sort of requirement for being the Avatar; without an animal guide, the Avatar seemed incomplete, as if part of them was missing.
But Kyoshi couldn't even think of such an idea for too long. For her, it wasn't possible for her to have an animal partner. She had already had one.
When she was younger, just into her teens, she had found a small infant cat-bird, one barely out of its baby feathers. She looked up and saw that there was a nest overhead, but from the looks of it, the mother and the remaining kits had already dismissed the fallen one as dead. Kyoshi scooped up the kit in her shirt and took it home.
Her father was surprised to see his only daughter come home with an animal in her hands. She hadn't shown muc
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Bad Idea
Writer's Note: Written for Angel, who wanted Sukka/Toph shenanigans! It occurs post series, but only has tiny spoilers.
Bad Idea
"I know I said this, but this is probably a bad idea."
Suki snorted. "Since when are you the pessimist? And besides, of course it's a good idea - it's mine."
They were hiding behind a wall, quite a distance away from Iroh's teashop. They were waiting, their eyes trained on the front door.
"This probably won't even work," Sokka went on. "And these stupid shoes hurt my feet!"
Suki rolled her eyes, though she had to privately admit that the thick, heavy wooden shoes were hurting her feet, too. "Just shush. Look! There she is! Shut up!"
He opened his mouth to protest, but she covered it, promptly shutting him up. Together with held breaths, they watched as Toph waved to Iroh and strutted out of the teashop, a wide grin on her face. In the other hand she held a paper bag stuffed with dough fritters.
As they watched, she
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Teach Them To Fly
Teach Them To Fly
Aang was trying very hard not to be disappointed, but it was sort of hard. After all, his children were the only future that airbending and the Air Nomads had. The future of an entire people rested on their narrow little shoulders, so he hesitantly admitted that he really had expected more. After all, by the time he was twelve, he was already a master, having mastered all of the forms of airbending in addition to inventing his own.
Only Tenzin was showing signs of actually gettingit, and he was the youngest. His other two children were both looking frustrated and mutinous, despite showing signs of being airbenders.
"Dad," Tyana snapped, the oldest who, at eleven, had once fallen off a cliff and merely floated, was now, at fourteen, having trouble with the air scooter. "This is not working."
Quan, who had shown early signs of being a waterbender without actually bending it, agreed with his sister, his bottom l
:iconyukinoomoni:Yukinoomoni 0 0
Writer's note: Another request, this time for Uponadecember, who requested Zuko/Suki, with the prompt "tease". I do love my crack pairings! This occurs post-series and contains spoilers!
He wasn't crazy - she was doing it on purpose.
They were supposed to be paying attention. After all, it wasn't every day that the Firelord visited Kyoshi Island in order to hear the complaints of the people, in order to see what he could make right. It was supposed to be very serious and very sombre and not what Suki was making it into - there, she did it again! Right when he met her gaze! The tip of her tongue slipped out and slowly licked her lips, her eyebrows raised and her eyes half-closed, her hands on her knees tightening just a little.
Zuko glared at her, and something in her eyes sparked, now that she knew she had him. He shifted uncomfortably, knowing very well that he really was caught by her, and he also knew that he wouldn't be able
:iconyukinoomoni:Yukinoomoni 0 0
Forget and Forgive
Writer's Note: Written for Cypsiman2 on LJ, with the prompt "Anniversary". It occurs post-series and contains spoilers!
Forget and Forgive
She tried to be understanding. Really, she did. After all, Aang had a lot on his plate recently, especially with him and Zuko going over the plans for a new kind of city. It took up a lot of his time, and as the Avatar it was to be expected that he would always be busy.
But there were some things that should never be forgotten. And for Katara, an anniversary was definitely one of them.
It had been five years to the day that they had had their first real kiss in the new peacetime, one without confusion and dread and fear. For Katara, it was the first moment that they had finally gotten together, as a couple.
So why was she all alone in Iroh's tea shop, sipping the house blend moodily? Because Aang was in the Fire Nation, as usual, with Zuko, once again going over more plans for their stupidcity, instead of
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Shades by Yukinoomoni Shades :iconyukinoomoni:Yukinoomoni 1 0
Writer's Note: This was originally written for the LJ Community Avatar_500, for the prompt "Lost", but it exceeded the limit and I could not cut it down. So here it is.

Warning: Contains spoilers for The Southern Raiders

Once upon a time...
...there was a time without an Avatar. A time that was spent in confusion and chaos. A time that was spent in fear.
Once upon a time...
...the Avatar faded from the collective memory, becoming a figure of myth told to children to entertain them while waiting for better days. Everyone knew that the Avatar was legend. Everyone knew that the Avatar was dead.
"...and when the people saw that Avatar Kyoshi was at their side, the will to fight ignited within their hearts and they stood up and helped her win." Kanna's voice was always so resonant with story-telling. Her age dropped away when she spoke.
"Wooow," Katara breathed out, her small face alight with her awe. "The Earth Kingdo
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Joyless, Deathless, Ruthless by Yukinoomoni Joyless, Deathless, Ruthless :iconyukinoomoni:Yukinoomoni 1 2
Catch As Catch Can
"Come on, Zuzu – just close your eyes and fall!"
Zuko shifted from foot to foot, his face burning. He was glad that his back was to the three girls who were – apparently – bent and determined on making his life miserable. Azula and Ty Lee stood close together, Azula trying to smother her sniggers and Ty Lee not even bothering to pretend to do the same.
A few feet behind him, he knew, stood Mai, probably looking bored or frustrated but hopefully still co-operative.
Or maybe she wasn't? Maybe she was just laughing, too, and actually was nowhere at all behind him like he thought. He assumed that she was behind him with her arms held out, her body poised to catch his weight the moment he fell backwards. He assumed that she would catch him without so much as a blink or a stagger. But he had no way to prove this! Even though she had started hanging around he and Azula more often ever since ... he swallowed hard and steered his thoughts away from his mother
:iconyukinoomoni:Yukinoomoni 1 0
This Space for Rent by Yukinoomoni This Space for Rent :iconyukinoomoni:Yukinoomoni 1 4


Emo Together by jin-fenghuang Emo Together :iconjin-fenghuang:jin-fenghuang 157 22 Avatar: LOK Discovers Shipping! by Booter-Freak Avatar: LOK Discovers Shipping! :iconbooter-freak:Booter-Freak 20,210 2,977 Avatar Kyoshi by jptanchico Avatar Kyoshi :iconjptanchico:jptanchico 29 2 Kyoshi by Tsalagi515 Kyoshi :icontsalagi515:Tsalagi515 5 2 Suki by arelia-dawn Suki :iconarelia-dawn:arelia-dawn 142 38 atla - fire by Ayumi-NB atla - fire :iconayumi-nb:Ayumi-NB 90 25 Maiko on Ember Island by Jabberwockyface Maiko on Ember Island :iconjabberwockyface:Jabberwockyface 329 37 Kyoshi Warrior by CandyRX Kyoshi Warrior :iconcandyrx:CandyRX 29 1 The Avatar Kyoshi by SirNerdly The Avatar Kyoshi :iconsirnerdly:SirNerdly 498 28 Avatar: Anticipation by Mattierial Avatar: Anticipation :iconmattierial:Mattierial 134 30 HAPPY 2012 by Jabberwockyface HAPPY 2012 :iconjabberwockyface:Jabberwockyface 213 20 Happy New Year 2012 by knknknk Happy New Year 2012 :iconknknknk:knknknk 2,566 93 Sneak Peek 28: Maiko at the Beach by Mattierial Sneak Peek 28: Maiko at the Beach :iconmattierial:Mattierial 39 16 Mai and Toph chillin' by secondlina Mai and Toph chillin' :iconsecondlina:secondlina 366 52 For Sessha by xryss For Sessha :iconxryss:xryss 80 7 Tokka Week: Alone by Maivry Tokka Week: Alone :iconmaivry:Maivry 99 15




I'm 27, female, loud, annoying and obsessive.

I write way more than I draw, but when I draw it's pure lulz.

I only joined this thing to network, but maybe something more will come of it?

I love books, puppies, and sweaters. But the order varies by day.

Feel free to drop me a line, comment, flame or otherwise. I'm all for free speech, bebe.

Links of interest:
Archive Of Our Own
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Current Residence: Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
Favourite genre of music: Anything that puts pictures into my head
Favourite style of art: Hand-drawn
Favourite cartoon character: Lina Inverse
Personal Quote: I read, I write, and I rage.
Okay, so, you all know how I'm drawing for a wonderful online serial called The Wizard's Prophecy?

Well, the author is still looking for artists to illustrate for her!

It's an awesome story, JB Starre is awesome, and it's so worth the time. Please sign up!

The link is here if you are interested:…

Do iiiiiiiit.
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